Saturday, March 25, 2006

Field trip time!

What a fun day yesterday...Trevor's class is turning their classroom into an underwater scene for Open House so his Teacher decided to take the class to the Aquarium for a field trip. I was one of the lucky parents to assist her. The kids had a blast!! I, on the other hand, was wiped out!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Who likes receiving freebies in the mail? ME! ME! I do! and they just keep coming too! Let's see, early this week I received 20 Take 5 Hershey Bars to sample and share with others (theres a few left to share :)) and yesterday I qualified to receive a FREE Home Cafe Individual Pod Coffee Maker, I am awaiting this Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner and last week I received a full size Murad Lighten & Brighten Eye Cream (retails for $75, I was able to sell that one on Ebay, Yeah for Ebay). Keep them coming!!!!!

Watch your mail too, you never know what surprises you will get :)

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

who knows, maybe I will be the next lunch lady....

So it's been a while since my last post as I have been pretty busy. Radiation treatments started yesterday for Aaron's Grandma and I will continue to take her to her daily appt's for the next 35 visits. I am really enjoying my time with her, she is the most amazing 85 year old woman I know. She continues to fill my mind with useful advice, hysterical stories and heartwarming circumstances. I hope that when I reach that ripe age I can be the same with my Grandchildren :)

Now one would think that with this obligation I should keep my schedule open? Not me...I am a Goldberg! Lately I have been feeling a little bummed, partially because I am not contributing financially to our household and partially because I feel that I should be doing something other than laundry and cooking and cleaning all day long. Don't get me wrong, I truly do love being a homemaker and full time mom but it's not enough right now. So I went on-line to see what jobs the school district is offering. I applied last November for the Food Service Assistant (a.k.a. Lunch Lady) position which pays really well and I would only work 2 hours a day. Perfect I thought. I just recently took the written exam and passed with flying colors. Next week I have the interview/oral exam. Sounds kinda crazy I know, especially since I was talking about returning to school but this would be a perfect opportunity to weasle my way into the office and have the same schedule as my kids. Can't beat that :)

Have a wonderful week!!!