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Saturday, November 18, 2006


This weekend the boys and Aaron went star gazing with other family and friends. I am so happy on so many different levels. For one, it gives the boys their 'bonding' time and two, I just need a break! I have created a list of projects that I want to get accomplished this weekend. I know, I should be pampering myself! But really...this is my way of relaxing. Knowing that the dusting is done and the carpets are freshly cleaned brings me great pleasure. It's only 9:30 and I have already finished Matthew's room (from top to bottom) and am currently working on Trev's. The list is probably way too much to finish but it makes me feel good checking each thing off.

Since working I have had very little time to work on the things around the house. All I seem to get done is the daily stuff (laundry, vaccuming, dishes) so what is left? Oh my...the yards, the organizing (if you could see my desk right now), my room, the's endless.

So now that I have finished my breakfast I shall return to my challenges.

I hope everyone else has a productive and wonderful weekend :)


Blogger *aimee* said...

So, how did it go? I know what you mean about finding relaxation and solitude in accomplishing desired favorite part is checking off those little boxes or highlighting what i've done. Hope it was productive and rewarding!

8:00 PM  

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